Luxury Bath Bombs

Bathe in luxury with these handmade bath bombs. Cleanse your mind with your favorite fragrance and nourish your body with moisturizing oils & butters that leave skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

R+ R (Relax + Repair)  Bath Balls

While we all love a good fizzled up bath, but without any benefits what's the point?!

Bath Balls are not Bath Bombs! Sorry kids - these babes won't fizzle a rainbow in your bath!

R+R Bath Balls are all about the mind and body, created for those who are hard on their bodies. Whether you work-out or work on your feet all day, if your body is sore at the end of they day - these little joys are for YOU!! 


These R+R bath balls are a great way to moisturize and nourish your body with premium oils and minerals, while enjoying your favorite aromas in a relaxing bath. Made with Epsom salt & Sea salt to help relax sore muscles and soak in the minerals, & moisturizers for smooth re-hydrated skin, with premium fragrance and essential oils for long lasting scents, and high quality skin safe colorings. 

Drop one of these in your next bath and experience the difference =) Fill tub at least halfway before adding bath ball and getting in. Since bath balls are made with salts, they will sink to the bottom of your tub and dissolve slowly throughout your bath.

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