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Candles are meant to be burned! Here are few tips to make sure you get the most out of your candles

  • The first burn of your candle is the most important! Soy wax holds memory from the first time it is lit. For best results: burn your candle for at least 3-4 hours or until the wax melt pool reaches all edges of the container. If this step does not occur your candle will most likely tunnel and eventually drowns out the wick.

  • Let your candle create a full wax pool each time you light it. This will ensure the strongest fragrance possible and getting the most burn time out of your candle. You may see uneven surfaces after burning your candle due to the natural soy wax base, this is totally normal!

  • These are all natural wicks and are not treated with any lighting agents. The wood wick is not "treated" - it's real wood, which means you will need to hold the flame to it longer and make sure the wood catches the flame insuring the wick stays burning. 

  • Do not trim your wood wick! If you are having issues relighting your wood wick or notice the flame low and/or inconsistent, use your fingertips to gently snap off the ash or burnt wood along the top of the wick, then light as usual. You will feel the difference between the burnt wood and the base. This rule also applies to traditional wicks as well - use your fingers to break off the burnt tops. This helps keep your candle clean and prevents the flame from getting too large, and keeps your candle burning at its best! 

  • Follow the 2 foot rule - don't place a burning candle near clothing, books, curtains, walls or anything flammable. Place burning candles at least 3 inches apart from one another.

  • Keep lit candles away from drafts, ceiling fans and any air currents. This will keep the flame centered and ensures an even and safe burn. Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Extinguish all candles when you leave a room or before going to sleep.

  • Place candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface. Extinguish a candle if the flame gets too large or close to the container or candle holder. Stop use when only 1/4” of wax remains.

  • If you choose to burn your candle longer than 4 hours at a time, make sure you're continuously checking the heat of the container. Glass will shatter when it gets too hot. You may also notice the flame height getting too high or too low, it may be necessary to tap off the excess ash on your wick.

  • Please contact us if you have any further questions.

All Natural Soy Wax Candles ~ Hand-Poured ~ Small Batch

Premium Soy Wax, Non-Toxic, Clean Burning

Why choose Soy Candles?

  • Soy candles are all natural since the wax is made from soy beans - unlike other paraffin candles that are made from petroleum oil which contains carcinogenic substances.

  • Soy Candles burn at least 50% longer, giving you twice the burn!

  • Soy wax burns cleaner, producing less soot in the jar and in your home.

  • Soy wax is non-toxic and won't release pollutants as it burn which means it's healthier for humans, pets, and the environment - not to mention it's less likely to trigger allergies or irritations. 

  • Soy Candles produce a clean, pleasant aroma because of the lower melting point, which allows a gradual release of fragrance and causes fewer headaches.

  • Soy wax is easier to clean up if spilled - just use soap and warm water!

Payment and Shipping

Once an order is received and payment is processed, items will be packaged and shipped within 7 business days. If there are any delays, customers will be notified via email. 

Shipping method - USPS Priority Mail

Returns & Refunds

Due to the nature of the products, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you have questions about an item, please contact us before placing your order. We are happy to help and want all of our customers happy with their purchase.

If items are damaged during shipment or you are not satisfied with your purchase, please send us an email with a photo of the damaged product or why the item is not to your satisfaction. We will respond as soon as possible.

Blue Arrow & Co. is not responsible for damage or any harm done. Please use any and all products at your own discretion, and always follow warning labels and care guides. 

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