Blossom Herbal Bath Tea

Blossom Herbal Bath Tea

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Blossom Herbal Bath Tea Bag - Dried Herbs: green tea leaves, black tea leaves, orange peel, rose pedals, hibiscus flowers, corn flowers, arnica flowers, with orange essential oil, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt. 


Benefits: reduce muscle pain, antioxidants, tone and nourish your skin, mood-boosting and brightening, help to reduce anxiety, detoxify your body, help reduce inflammation, antioxidants.

  • To Use:

    To Use: Either fill bath with hot water or 
    boil a small pot of hot water to steep tea, then add to bath water. 
    Allow tea brew to steep in hot water at least 5 minutes. 
    Once bath water has cooled to a comfortable temperature, 
    you are ready to enjoy your herbal bath tea! 
    After bath, simply discard the tea bag.

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