When buying a facial scrub, it’s important to know what the “scrubbing action” is! Sugar and salts have uneven surfaces which can cause tiny tears and eventually lead to scaring of the facial tissues. This scrub is made with Jojoba Beads which have an even surface to allow a smooth “scrubbing action” to help prevent long term damage! Made with activated charcoal, natural clays, vitamin E, jojoba beads, hemp seed oil, and Tea Tree essential oil.

(2.5oz net wt.)

Charcoal & Clay Detox Facial Scrub

  • Scoop out a small amount and gentle start to scrub onto facial area (a little goes a long way) until facial area is covered. Continue massaging skin with scrub for desired time (approx.1 minute), then rinse off. Continue with daily skin care routine. This facial scrub can be used 2-3 times a week.