Citron Detox Soap

Citron Detox Soap


This natural anti-bacterial and toxin removing combination is perfect for oily, acne prone, or any type of troubled skin. Activated Charcoal is fantastic for the skin! It binds to dirt and oil, and pulls it out of pores, leaving skin clean and refreshed. Bentonite Clay is known for being a skin soothing clay. This clay removes toxins from pores, allowing skin to heal while calming inflammation and redness. The citrus premium essential oil blend is a natural booster for skin treatment. Enhanced with Vitamin E oil, aloe, honey, natural clays and organic oils.


Ingredients: activated charcoal, grade A honey, palm oil, aloe, vitamin E, oat protein, essential oil, sodium hydroxide, purified water, vegetable glycerin, natural clays.


6oz bar

  • Handmade Soap

    These handcrafted homemade soaps are made with premium essential oils, pure soap bases, and natural additives.

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