Glow Glass Jars - Wood Wick

Glow Glass Jars - Wood Wick


These 13oz colored glass jars give off a beautiful glow as your candle burns down, filing the room with your favorite fragrance. Made with pure soy wax, all natural crackling wood wicks, and essential oil infused fragrances, with a burn time of 80 hours.

Select Fragrance
  • Fragrance Description

    Cashmere - cedarwood, vanilla orchid, sugared vanilla, velvet petals

    Havana Nights - Cuban tobacco, spiced caramel, oak wood

    Ok.. But First Coffee - rich espresso beans

    Cinnamon Strudel - cinnamon, sugar, buttery vanilla

    Carmel Latte - creamy caramel, coconut milk, brown sugar

    Light The Fire - log firewood, smoky cedar and pine woods 

    Frosted Spruce - blue spruce, moss, juniper, ozone, sage

    Sangria - sweet wine, apple, berries, amber


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