Cucumber Melon Geode

Fruity honeydew melon and fresh green cucumber, a perfectly refreshing and calming aroma accompanied by a load of salts to help heal away the aches and stresses of the day. 
Ingredients: epsom salt, pink Himalayan sea salt, plant extracts, natural clays, powdered milk, avocado oil, sunflower oil
  • Relief Bath Balls

    Approx. 8oz Bath Ball. Due to the use of natural ingredients while making this product, it may contain nut/plant oils.

  • Relief Bath Balls

    Relief Bath Balls are not Bath Bombs! These bath balls are packed with Epsom salts to help relax sore muscles & moisturizers for smooth hydrated skin, with premium fragrance and essential oils for long lasting scents, and high quality skin safe colorings. 

    Relief balls will sink to the bottom of your tub and dissolve slowly in your bath, roughly 3-5 minutes into bath time. 

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