These 16oz white frosted and stormy grey gloss colored glass jars give off a beautiful glow as your candle burns down, filing the room with your favorite fragrance. Made with pure soy wax, natural double cotton wicks and essential oil infused fragrances, with a burn time of approx. 85 hours.

Large B&W Modern Candle

Select Color
  • Rosewood – rose, vanilla, sandalwood, musk

    Lavender Woods - herbal lavender, moss, cedarwood, green leaf

    Frosted Spruce - blue spruce, moss, juniper, ozone, sage 

    Roasted Pine - pine tree, roasted pine cones

    Cracklin' Birch - birch wood, cracked pepercorn, jasmine, sandalwood

    Butterscotch + Bourbon - bourbon, butterscotch, vanilla bean cream

    Home  - cocoa butter, cedar wood, warm spices, vanilla coconut

    Lemon + Mint - crisp tart lemon, fresh mint, garden herb

    Honey Bourbon - smooth bourbon, sweet honey, vanilla creme

    Spiced Tobacco - warm tobacco leaf, spiced amber, patchouli, french vanilla

    Leather + Tobacco - genuine leather, sweet tobacco, vanilla

    Volcano - fruity, crisp waters, tropical foliage

    Eucalyptus Mint - bright eucalyptus, fresh mint 

    Fireside - log firewood, smoky cedar and pine woods

    Bourbon Tobacco - tobacco, smooth bourbon, cocoa

    Leather + Rose - genuine leather, fresh cut roses

    Greenhouse - floral stems, aloe, cool moss

    Storm - green florals, ozone, crisp air, wood

    Sweet Magnolia - magnolia, violet, floral blooms

    Carmel Latte - creamy caramel, coconut milk, brown sugar

    Coffee House - rich creamy espresso bean blend

    Laundry Day - clean cotton, green blossom, crisp air breeze

    Herb Garden - light scent of fresh garden mixed herbs

    Juniper Woods - juniper, cedar, sandalwood, citrus

    Oceans - sea moss, sea salt, wood, aquatic, floral

    Night - woodsy cedar musk, clove, apple, spices

    Rustic -  saffron, violet, eucalyptus, patchouli, smoked tonka

    Beach House - driftwood, oakmoss, citrus

    Pink Sea -pink florals, exotic greens, white musk

    Serenity - aquatic, melon, green leaves, violet

    Vintage Vines - old world botanical, alluring green ivy and vines

    Tropics - palm leaf, tropical florals, oceanic breeze

    Southern Summer – light, airy, cotton breeze, golden amber