Metallic Tumbler Candle

Metallic Tumbler Candle

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The Metallic Tumblers are a unique, attention-grabbing addition to any scence. With a metallic finish on the outside of the glass, it gives the tumbler a shine, and reflects a soft, entrancing glow once the candle is lit. Made with pure soy wax, natural cotton wick and essential oil infused fragrances, with a burn time of 50 hours. 
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  • Fragrance Description

    Pumpkin Bread - warm pumpkin, gingerbread, vanilla, clove

    Marshmallow Fireside - toasted marshmallow, rich chocolate, vanilla, smoldering woods

    Buttered Bourbon - bourbon, butterscotch, vanilla bean cream

    Caramel Crumble - creamy caramel, vanilla, warm sugar, flaky bakery crust

    Cozy Cabin - smoked wood, vanilla bean, bay leaf, amber

    Home - cocoa butter, cedar wood, warm spices, vanilla coconut

    Sweater Weather - warm bergamot, mahogany, delicate musk

    White Winter - crisp pine and cypress, fir needle, eucalyptus leaf, cedar

    Palo Santo - clove, lavender, tonka bean, patchouli, vanilla amber

    Cracklin' Birch - birch wood, cracked pepercorn, jasmine, sandalwood

    Cashmere - cedarwood, vanilla orchid, sugared vanilla, velvet petals

    Grandma's Kitchen - cinnamon, vanilla, apple peel, clove, sugar, almond

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