Moms get so many gifts for their new baby but often do not get gifts for herself. This New Momma Herbal Bath Soak is made of all natural, USDA certified organic herbs and guaranteed to make mom feel special in those delicate days after her bundle of joy arrives!​

A relaxing, comforting blend of herbs and salts that are traditionally used for postpartum woman to help soothe, heal, and provide relief during those tender days following birth.

This liquid tea infusion is known for:

antibacterial and toning propertieshelping to speed the recovery time, soothe soreness, discomfort, and painaid in healing hemorrhoids and prevent infection, calm the body and mind to help keep mom relaxed​.


Size: 5 ounce bag of herbal soak which includes one cotton muslin bag for making the infusion (approximately 5 - 8 infusions)


New Momma Herbal Bath Soak

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  • To Use: Fill the reusable muslin bag with the herbal soak. Either boil water for your bath or fill the bath with very hot water and allow the brew to steep at least 10 minutes. Once the bath water has cooled to a comfortable temperature, you are ready to enjoy!


    Repeat as often as desired, though women with stitches should ask their doctor how often to bathe.

    After bath, the herbs can be discarded and the bag can be rinsed and reused. 

    You can also use this herbal infusion as a compress for extremely sore or tender areas. Simply add a clean washcloth to the pot/bowl while the brew steeps and once the cloth has cooled to a warm yet comfortable temperature to touch skin it can be placed and let the soothing begin! You may wrap the herbal bag in the cloth before placing as a compress.