Odds and Ends Soap

Odds and Ends Soap


Can't decide which soap bar to get? Want to try it before you get a full-sized bar? These Odds and Ends are perfect for just that! In this bag you'll receive 5 different slices, they are not labeled so you'll have to match it with the full-sized bar when you find the one you love. These slices are "left over" pieces or the ends from a full-sized loaf of our handmade soaps. They're great for kids, travel, and guest bathrooms! *The soaps shown here are a representation - the soaps you will receive change as we make more soaps. *One per order limit, so that everyone can sample our soaps - sharing is caring =)

  • For best results:

    Handmade soap is always best kept as dry as possible. The dryer you keep it, the longer the life of your soap bars. Use a well draining soap dish that is never in any pooling or running water, adding a soap mat will also help with this.

    All handcrafted soaps are made in small batches, therefore each bar of soap will vary slightly.

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