Whipped Shaving Cream “Barber Shop”

Whipped Shaving Cream “Barber Shop”


This luxurious shaving soap is made for those who want a close shave without the skin irritation. Made with natural ingredients to nourish and condition your skin including raw shea butter to help keep skin hydrated and moisturized and Bentonite clay to help reduces redness, inflammation, irritation. Lightly scented with “Barber Shop” fine fragrance for a clean, fresh from the barber shop aroma. This shaving soap produces an amazing lather allowing your blade to glide across your skin.

8oz Jar

  • To Use:

    Scoop out a small amount and apply to wet facial area prior to shaving. Lather while on facial area, shave as normal, rinse off, pat dry.

    Avoid getting water in container. 

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