Farmhouse Collection

Farmhouse Collection


These 10oz 100% recycled vintage glass from Spain vessels give an elegant farmhouse style look to any room! Made with pure soy wax, natural double cotton wicks and essential oil infused fragrances, with a burn time of 60 hours.

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  • Fragrance Description

    Stress Relief - a calming spa-like herbal blend of lavender, white sage, tea leaf, eucalyptus, forest herbs, with a splash of lemon and orange zest

    Eucalyptus Mint - bright eucalyptus, fresh mint 

    Fig - fig leaves, green moss, light musk florals

    Sangria - sweet wine, apple, berries, amber

    Vintage Vines - old world botanical, alluring green ivy and vines 

    Laundry Day -  cotton blossom, fresh greens, crisp air

    Cashmere - cedarwood, vanilla orchid, sugared vanilla, velvet petals

    Ok.. But First Coffee - rich espresso beans

    Buttered Bourbon - bourbon, butterscotch, vanilla bean cream

    Pomegranate – pomegranate, citrus, ginger, nutmeg

    Black Tie - fresh and crisp aroma of men's cologne

    Volcano - fruity, crisp waters, tropical foliage

    Serenity - tranquil, calming sea air, bright melon

    Oak Valley - earthy, valley moss, underlying citrus and herbs

    Honey Bourbon - smooth bourbon, sweet honey, vanilla creme

    Lemon + Mint - crisp tart lemon, fresh mint, garden herb

    Blueberry + Lemon - sweet blueberry, crisp lemon, vanilla

    Lavender Woods - herbal lavender, moss, cedarwood, green leaf

    Palo Santo - clove, lavender, tonka bean, patchouli, vanilla amber

    Cracklin' Birch - birch wood, cracked pepercorn, jasmine, sandalwood

    Frankincense & Myrrh - bergamot, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, dry wood

    Home  - cocoa butter, cedar wood, warm spices, vanilla coconut

    Cinnamon Chai - cinnamon, black tea, clove, vanilla, nutmeg

    Grandma's Kitchen - cinnamon, vanilla, apple peel, clove, sugar, almond

    Storm Watch - green florals, crisp airy breeze, soft woods

    Beach Babe (formerly Beach Day) - a day at the beach filled with sunshine, sand, and sun tan lotion

    Island Time - tropical fruits, citrus burst, coconut cream

    Pink Sea - citrus, florals, fresh greens, sweet musk

    Beach House - driftwood, oakmoss, citrus

    Greenhouse - floral stems, aloe, cool moss

    Indonesian Teakwood​​​​​​ - warm spices, teakwood, patchouli

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