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I'm very picky about the products I bring into my home and will only buy soy candles. I LOVE these candles. The scents are unique and they all smell so good!



I’ve tried other soy candles but these are the best by far!  I love how they fill the room and don't give me a headache. The wedding day scent is amazing!


Nashville, TN

Love the Lavender bath soaking salts ! It's my favorite scent and it left my skin feeling silky soft!


Charlotte, NC

I am in LOVE with the shower steamers.  I have used other brands before trying these, and let me say hers are so much better!  They last as long as she says they will and they smell amazing.  The scent is stronger (not in a bad way) than the other ones i have used, and definitely make my shower a more pleasant experience, especially after my tough workouts. I was so sad today that I didn't have one for my shower that I just ordered more!!! 


Atlanta, GA

EVERYTHING in the Blue Arrow & Co line is incredible! I have used everything from the candles to the bath products. All of her products are carefully and thoughtfully hand crafted. 
The candles smell amazing and last a long time. 
My favorite bath products have been the herbal bath balls and the new mom postpartum bath soak. 
As a first time mom, I didn’t really know what to expect, aside from what I had read, and what other moms told me.
The postpartum soak was instrumental in my recovery! Besides being incredibly relaxing, it smells and feels amazing! It is immediately apparent that Blue Arrow & Co uses high quality herbs and ingredients in this product, which after childbirth, was extremely important to me. After several soaks, I felt like my recovery time was a fraction of what it would have been. 
Friends and family of new moms, do her a favor and order this! It will be her favorite baby gift!! There are so many gifts for the new baby, but Mom needs something special too.


Franklin, TN

By far the best soaps I have ever used. Doesn’t leave your body feeling dry like other bar soaps. Also, the scent stays for the whole day. 


I have used everything. Literally everything and I love all of it. The bath bomb is perfect after a long day and the candles smell amazing! Been burning the Christmas scents and I love the way my house smells. The candles aren’t overwhelming. My son loves this bath bombs they are great for kids as well! Knowing everything is natural is worth it. 



I have used the relief bath balls multiple times after strenuous workouts and they are extremely beneficial for recovery.   I recently ran a half-marathon and had significant joint and muscle pain along with severe stiffness.  The bath balls were a miracle worker and drastically decreased my recovery time.  If you or someone you know has a steady exercise routine and are persistently sore; try these bath balls, they will be greatly beneficial and are well worth the price.


I have purchased both the relief bath balls and the candles, and am OBSESSED. The bath balls will not only leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh for days, but they leave an amazing scent that lasts for days in your bathroom from soaking in the tub.  With all natural organic ingredients... How can you go wrong? The candle scents are unique and one of a kind.  When you burn them you can smell them throughout the entire house!!!  I'm a long time yankee candle purchaser, and will never go back!



Fort Lauderdale, FL

I don't even know where to begin.  I use the RELIEF bath balls, not only to relax, but to help me on my recoveries from my tough workouts.  The RLX and the bath balls not only smell great, but the oils and epsom salts she uses definitely help my muscles recover!  And I love the candles.  They smell amazing and last forever.  My favorite candle is the Mahogany Woods... It smells amazing and the small tin candle smells up my whole apartment in no time!   I love all of the products and I will be giving them to all of my family for Christmas!


North Carolina

I have been using the candles for weeks--they smell amazing and completely cover up pet smells! My favorites are the chiffon and lavandula. I recently purchased some handmade soaps for me and my fiance--can't wait to try out more of these amazing products!




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