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Refill your Candle

Blue Arrow & Co is excited to now offer a refill program for our specialty vessels. 

I wanted to provide the opportunity to local customers to utilize their vessel as a candle for a little longer before graduating it as another item of luxury decor in your home. 


Below you can read all about Blue Arrow & Co’s refill program, including frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact form and we’ll get you set up and ready to go. 



step one

Please clean your vessel to the best of your ability before dropping it off. All candles that need to be cleaned before refilling will have an additional fee added to the invoice.


The recommended method for cleaning out vessels is to wipe clean after the final burn when the wax is still in a liquid state. See more details below for in-depth instructions. 

step two

Print and fill out this Refill Order Form and  bring it with you when you drop off your candle. 


Due to Blue Arrow & Co. having a constantly revolving selection of fragrances, there is no guarantee that your chosen scent will be available. If it is not, then Blue Arrow & Co. will reach out with the scents available free of charge. However, if you are wanting an out of rotation scent, then an additional fee will be added to the invoice, if available. Please refer to the list of available scents to select your refill fragrance.

Click here for a list of available scents.

step three

Drop off your vessel with your Refill Order Form to

Sunny Day Studios at 1600 Golf Club Ln.

Clarksville, TN, 37043

step four

Blue Arrow & Co. will evaluate your vessel to ensure it’s in a refillable condition. Wait for a confirmation email with an invoice. Any repairs needed to be done to refill the vessel will have an additional fee on the invoice. (If your vessel is in non-refillable condition, then you will receive an email notifying you of the damages and reasonings with a request that you collect your vessel by the 7th of the following month.)

step five

All invoices need to be paid by the 15th of the month. Once your invoice is paid, Blue Arrow & Co will refill your candle and deliver it to Sunny Day Studio by the 30th.  

step six

Pick up your candle by the 7th of the next month from Sunny Day Studio and enjoy!

Vessels can be dropped off at Sunny Day Studio between the 1st - 7th each month. Blue Arrow & Co. will collect the vessels and send invoices. All invoices need to be paid by the 15th. Vessels will be returned for collection to Sunny Day Studio by the 30th of each month and must be picked up by the 5th of the following month.

drop off

by 7th of each month

Invoice Paid

by 15th of each month


by the 30th of each month

pick up

by the 7th of the following month

Blue Arrow & Co. reserves the right to make any changes to the above schedule.

Please make sure you are following Blue Arrow & Co. on Instagram or Facebook (@bluearrowandco) for any updates regarding the refill program. (E.g. Date changes due to holidays, personal conflicts, etc.)


The price

Blue Arrow & Co offers 25% off of the listed price. 

The vessels

  • 3 Wick Farmhouse Wood Vessel

  • 4 Wick Farmhouse Wood Vessel

  • 10", 20", 30" Wood Dough Bowls

  • Aspen Wood Bowl

  • Sierra Wood Tray Vessel

  • Mini Round Wood Dough Bowl

  • Rustic Exotic Wood Dough Bowl

*Jars & Tins are not eligible for refills

  • Santa Fe Clay Vessel

  • Flora Clay Vessel

  • Bead Clay Bowl

  • Pedestal Clay Bowl

  • Homestead Wood Bowl

  • Farmhouse Paddle Wood Vessel

  • Lodge Wood Vessel

Frequently  Asked  Questions

1.  Can I utilize the program for vessels that are not from Blue Arrow & Co.?


        Unfortunately, no. Only vessels purchased from Blue Arrow & Co. and their distributors qualify. 

2.  Can any vessel be refilled?


        No. Only a select number of vessels can be refilled. Please see the list of vessels approved for the refill program. 


3.  Can I get my vessel refilled more than once?


        Yes. Blue Arrow & Co. will refill each vessel up to two times. Due to the natural and hand carved nature of the vessels, they are only able to be refilled a limited number of times. 


4.  Can I return my candle uncleaned?


        It is preferred that your candle is dropped off clean, or to the best of your ability. If it is not cleaned or cleaned well enough, then an additional fee will be added to the invoice. 


5.  Can I choose another scent than what was originally purchased in the vessel?


        Yes.  It is encourage you broaden your pallete with the wide variety of unique scents Blue Arrow and Co. creates and offers. As long as the scent is available, you may choose any scent, even if it is different from the original. 


6.  What if my vessel is damaged?


        Depending on the type of damage, Blue Arrow & Co. may not be able to refill the vessel. However, if the vessel is able to be repaired (e.g. minor marks of usage, chipped, scraped, etc.) an additional fee will be added to the invoice. 


7.  What if I need my candle filled by a certain date outside of the schedule?


        We cannot guarantee a scent or availability, however, please email to check availability.

Cleaning: step by step

Step 1.  Remove the wax.


Once your candle has burned down completely, it is best to clean the vessel out while the wax is still in it's liquid state. You can do this by carefully pouring out the wax into a disposable container (such as a plastic cup, old can, etc.). The wax in the container will then solidify and is safe for disposing. 

If your wax has solidified, it is best to slowly and carefully begin to scoop out sections with a metal spoon. Keep in mind that you do not want to use force, as you do not want to damage your vessel.

Step 2.  Clean out the remaining wax and wick tabs in your vessel.


Gently scoop out the wick tabs and remaining wax with a metal/plastic spoon. Then use a paper towel to wipe clean.


Step 3.  Let your vessel dry.


Once you have cleaned out your vessel to the best of your ability, you'll want to let the vessel sit to air out for 12-24 hours before handling. 




* If you are choosing to refill your vessel, it is NOT recommended to use any water, soap, or cleaning agents to clean out your vessel. This can cause damage to the vessel and will disqualify the vessel for refills.

* If you would prefer to use your vessel for decor without a refill option, you may use warm water and dish soap to clean out your vessel after steps 1-3 have been completed and then repeat step 3.


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