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Fragrance Description


Flower Garden - That joyous moment of smelling a new bouquet of flowers freshly picked just for you! Enjoy the bright floral aromas of Lilac, Gardenia, Lilly, and more with this true to life scented bouquet of floral arrangement. 


Warm Woods - Welcome into your home the cozy warmth of the outdoors. Enjoy the assorment of woodsy favorites like Cozy Cabin and Cranberry Woods, with additional scents of pine cones, roasted spices, and other rustic scents.


Garden Herbs - Fresh herbs growing in your garden! This blend of invigorating aromas will brighten up your space and bring freshly picked herbs from the garden indoors. Enjoy favorites like Kitchen Herbs and Tomato Leaf along with other enticing herbal aromas of basil, sage, mint, and rosemary.


Citrus Orchard - Energizing and zesty! Citrus Orchard throws a variety of scents including grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, and other exotic fruits like peach and melon.



Essential Jar Layered Candle

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