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Fragrance Description


Tomato Leaf - Ripe heirloom tomato vines, fresh garden leaf, earthy herbs


Kitchen Herbs  - A kitchen herb lovers dream with predominant notes of fresh green herbs with undertones of tyme, basil, citrus peel


Sage + Rosemary - Herbal aromatherapy blended by nature in this calming blend of sage, rosemary, and cedar leaf


Garden Mint - Minty garden leaf with cool basil tones


Citrus - A refreshing citrus blend of juicy tangerine peel, lemon, sweet pink grapefruit


Lemon Verbena - The invigorating aromas of lemon and orange enhanced with lemongrass


Blue Lagoon - Salty oceanic waters that merge with fresh streams and dark musk


Greenhouse - Floral shop freshly cut stems among aloe and succulents bring this earthy scent to life


Sangria - Luscious berries with notes of basil, saffron, amber and sweet orange infuse this captivating aroma


Pink Sea - A feminine essence of sweet coconut, warm vanilla, and soft powder with pinch of pink waters


Vintage Vines - An old world botanical aroma of alluring green ivy and vines with a hint of tart citrus